Actor Leonardo is entwined with his girlfriend and does not let go

Since the day he publicly fell in love with the young model, the actor has spent most of his time with his girlfriend. It’s rare to see the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star appear alone.

Entertainment - Actor Leonardo is inseparable from his girlfriend

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is satisfied in his love story with Camila Morrone. “They seriously think about the future and want to settle down with a home,” People newspaper revealed on June 24.

“Leo usually wants to gather with friends. But because of the quarantine, he mainly hangs around Camila. They have been together for so long during the pandemic, helping their relationship develop closer,” the source said.

According to the insider, the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor has been “with Camila 24/7 for months at his home.”

Entertainment - Actor Leonardo is inseparable from his girlfriend (Picture 2).

Last weekend, the Argentine actor celebrated his 23rd birthday on a luxury yacht up to 43 meters long. She and her boyfriend were seen arriving at Marian Del Rey Port, Los Angeles, USA to travel to the middle of the sea and party with friends. The yacht set sail at 11am and returned to port around 4:30am.

Due to the epidemic, Leonardo wore a tight mask and dressed simply with a hoodie, jeans and slippers. Camila also only wore a dark dress. They invited some close friends such as Kevin Connolly, Lukas Haasm, actor Nina Dobrev, and Olympic athlete Shaun White to the party.

In the Titanic star ‘s long list of love affairs , this is the lover he appears most publicly in and is especially fond of. The two declared their love for each other at the end of 2017 and were not afraid to show their affection in public. The actor born in 1974 seems serious with his girlfriend who is 23 years younger than him.

Entertainment - Actor Leonardo is inseparable from his girlfriend (Picture 3).

Since living with a model 23 years younger than her, the Hollywood star has become secretive. It was revealed that he pampers his girlfriend very much, often taking her on trips and taking photos.

Meanwhile, the Argentinian model also brought her boyfriend home to meet her mother. Both families are very supportive of the star couple’s relationship. Although she was repeatedly criticized for loving someone old enough to be her father because of her assets, Camila did not seem to care. Seduction is the “weapon” that helps her tie the actor’s heart.

Entertainment - Actor Leonardo is inseparable from his girlfriend (Picture 4).

At the 2020 Oscars, the Wolf of Wall Street star brought his girlfriend to the awards ceremony. This is the second time he has accompanied his lover to an important party. Previously, the first person to be pampered by DiCaprio, leading to the Oscar, was supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

Camila Morrone was born in 1997, is a young model of Argentine origin. Not long after participating in modeling activities, she became famous for her beautiful face and hot body. She has appeared on the covers of Vogue, Sports Illustrated, and walked on famous catwalks. In addition, the 9X model is practicing her career in acting.

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