Critics Slam Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon as a ‘Disappointment’ Despite Little-Known Actress Stealing the Show.

Critics are criticizing Martin Scorsese’s latest film, Killers of the Flower Moon, for being excessively long. The movie, which is based on true events and was released recently, depicts a series of homicides committed against the Osage Nation in the 1920s after the discovery of oil on their land in Oklahoma. It lasts almost three and a half hours and cost Apple $200 million to produce. Despite its top-tier cast, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro, and newcomer Lily Gladstone, some reviewers have been unimpressed with Scorsese’s work. Kevin Maher of The Times gave the film a disappointing two stars out of five and called it a “dud,” citing its “paper-thin characters” as one reason for his verdict.

Based on a true story, Killers of the Flower Moon (pictured), which has been released today, follows a series of murders carried out against members of the Osage Nation after oil was discovered on their Oklahoma land in the 1920s

Killers of the Flower Moon, released today, is a movie that portrays a true story. It depicts a string of murders committed against the Osage Nation’s people after oil was found on their land in Oklahoma during the 1920s.

Geoffrey Macnab from The i stated that Martin Scorsese’s lengthy film is a bloated epic that seems to go on endlessly. In his two-star review, he further added that the film is a great one that has been ruined by its excessive duration, which tells a story of greed and betrayal. Deborah Ross from The Spectator described the movie as tiresomely long, while City A.M. noted that Leonardo DiCaprio was not the highlight of the film; instead, Lily Gladstone gave a remarkable performance worthy of award recognition. Even though Grann’s book offers multiple possibilities for approaching the story, Scorsese and co-writer Eric Roth center it on Earnest Burkhart (played by DiCaprio), a WWI veteran who falls in love with Mollie Brown (Gladstone), a wealthy Osage family member. The film features DiCaprio alongside Scorsese’s longtime collaborator De Niro and follows the wave of murders among oil-rich Osage Indians in the 1920s and the birth of the FBI. While some critics expressed dissatisfaction with the film’s length – which clocks in at 3 hours and 26 minutes making it Scorsese’s second longest feature production – other reviewers praised it, calling it well worth its lengthy runtime, with The New York Times even describing it as a heartbreaking masterpiece.

It boasts an A-lister cast - including Leonardo DiCaprio , Robert De Niro and the highly-praised newcomer Lily Gladstone - and yet Scorsese's latest offering has failed to impress some critics

Despite its star-studded cast featuring the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro, and up-and-coming talent Lily Gladstone, Martin Scorsese’s latest film has received mixed reviews. Critics have praised Gladstone’s performance, with Clarisse Loughrey of The Independent giving the film a full five-star rating and hailing Gladstone’s portrayal as one of the most exceptional performances by a woman in any of Scorsese’s movies. Killers of the Flower Moon sheds light on a lesser-known piece of American history, specifically the Osage Nation’s sudden wealth during the 1920s oil boom. The tribe earned over $30 million annually from the oil found beneath their land, which was held in trust by the government as a reserved tribal property.

Lily Gladstone, who plays Mollie Burkhart in the film, sits with director Martin Scorsese on set of Killers of the Flower Moon

Lily Gladstone, the actress portraying Mollie Burkhart in the movie, is spotted chatting with none other than the famous director Martin Scorsese on the set of Killers of the Flower Moon.

Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio in Killers of the Flower Moon'

The upcoming movie ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ will feature Hollywood legends Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Many critics were unhappy with the length of the movie (pictured), which is Scorsese's seventh film to reach the three-hour mark, and second longest feature production to date, coming in at a whopping 3 hour and 26-minute show time

Numerous critics expressed their dissatisfaction with the duration of the movie, which is the seventh three-hour-long film directed by Scorsese. It is also his second longest feature film that runs for a remarkable 3 hours and 26 minutes.

The tribe earned royalties from mineral leases, and each allottee received an equal share called a headright. However, only those who married into the tribe could legally obtain these headrights. William K. Hale, a rancher from Greenville, Texas, encouraged his relative Ernest Burkhart to marry Osage member Mollie Kyle (later Mollie Burkhart). Burkhart later became involved in a scheme to inherit the lucrative oil rights of his wife’s relatives, resulting in the murder of several of them, known as the Reign of Terror. Law enforcement did not properly investigate the murders, forcing Osage Nation members to lobby the federal government for help. An early version of the FBI investigated and found that Ernest and Hale were likely involved.

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