“Gal Gadot Hints at Potential Cameo for Her Daughters in Wonder Woman 3: ‘It’s a Possibility!'”

Last week, Patty Jenkins announced that Wonder Woman 3 is officially in the works, and Gal Gadot has already started chatting about the upcoming sequel. The talented actress recently attended the Elle Women in Hollywood event in Los Angeles where she was asked by ET if her kids Alma and Maya would also be returning to the film. Gadot’s family had a brief appearance in the final scene of Wonder Woman 1984, and it appears that at least her children may make an appearance in the third installment as well.

Gal talks sequel: With director Patty Jenkins confirming Wonder Woman 3 is happening last week during DC FanDome, Gal Gadot has started talking about the sequel

Gal Gadot is sharing her thoughts on the highly-anticipated sequel to Wonder Woman, as director Patty Jenkins recently announced that Wonder Woman 3 is in the works at DC FanDome. Gadot is eager to discuss what fans can expect from the upcoming film.

Husband and kids: The actress' children, and her husband Jason Varsano (right), were featured briefly in the final scene of last year's Wonder Woman 1984, and it seems that at least the kids may return

The actress, Gal Gadot, appeared in Wonder Woman 1984 with her husband Jason Varsano and their children. It seems that the kids may make a return in future movies. When asked about it, Gadot expressed that they might continue to make appearances as a nice souvenir for the family. As a mother, Gadot recalls wondering how she could balance her career and motherhood when she had her first child. Her husband gave her advice to choose what kind of example she wanted to set for their daughter.

Kids: 'Well, we might. They can get used to it. It's a nice souvenir in each movie they're going to be older and older. But yeah, we'll see,' Gadot said

Children: “Maybe we will. They will become accustomed to it. It’s a lovely memento that they can keep as they grow older with each film. However, we’ll have to wait and see,” commented Gadot.

Carousel: She was also reminded of when she had her first child, how she wondered how she could still have a career and still be a great mom

The carousel brought back memories of the time when she became a mother for the first time. She had concerns about managing a successful career while also being an excellent mother.

According to Gadot, it’s a win-win situation, but there will always be some sacrifices. No one can be perfect, but we can always give our best and do our best. Last week, Jenkins made an appearance at FanDome with Lynda Carter, the original Wonder Woman who played the iconic character in the TV series from 1976 to 1979. In Wonder Woman 1984, Carter appeared in a post-credits scene as Asteria, a revered warrior who has been living secretly among humans all these years.

Win-win: 'So I just think about it as a win-win and of course something's always got to give. We can't be just perfect, but the only thing we can do is just give our best and do our best,' Gadot added

The concept of win-win is something that Gal Gadot believes in. She acknowledges that there will always be some sacrifices involved, as nothing can be perfect. However, she believes that by giving our best and doing our best, we can achieve a win-win situation.

Wonder Woman 3 is set to showcase the team-up of both Gadot’s Wonder Woman/Diana Prince and Asteria, a development that Gadot expressed her gratitude for. She shared her excitement about getting to wear the iconic Wonder Woman costume once again and collaborating with director Patty Jenkins and her team. Gadot’s debut as Diana Prince in 2017’s Wonder Woman was a major success financially and critically, grossing $412.8 million in the domestic market and $822.8 million worldwide.

Costume: 'The most amazing thing -- other than the fact that I get to wear the costume, the Wonder Woman costume again and get inside her boots -- is the fact that I can work with my amazing collaborators and work with [director] Patty Jenkins again and I'm super, super grateful for that,' Gadot said

Gadot expressed her excitement at the prospect of wearing the iconic Wonder Woman costume once again, citing the opportunity to work with her “amazing collaborators” and director Patty Jenkins as another reason for her gratitude. While the 2020 sequel Wonder Woman 1984 faced challenges from critics and the COVID-19 pandemic, Gadot has two upcoming films, Red Notice and Death on the Nile, to look forward to. Red Notice will be released in theaters on November 5 and on Netflix on November 12, while Death on the Nile is set to hit theaters on February 11, 2022.

Sequel: The 2020 sequel Wonder Woman 1984 was far less beloved by critics and hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic with theaters closed in major markets like Los Angeles and New York City

Follow-up: Wonder Woman 1984, the sequel released in 2020, wasn’t received as well by critics compared to its predecessor. The film’s release was also affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, as theaters in significant markets such as Los Angeles and New York City were closed.

Coming soon: Gadot will next be seen in Red Notice, in theaters November 5 and on Netflix November 12, and Death on the Nile, in theaters February 11, 2022

Get ready to see more of Gadot as she graces the screens in her upcoming films, Red Notice and Death on the Nile. You can catch Red Notice both in theaters on November 5th and on Netflix on November 12th. Meanwhile, Death on the Nile will hit theaters on February 11th, 2022.

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