“Gal Gadot’s Future as Wonder Woman in Question: Is She Hanging Up Her Lasso?”

Gal Gadot provided fans with an encouraging update on the status of Wonder Woman 3, following reports that it had been canceled due to James Gunn’s plans for the DC Universe.

Currently, there is little information available about the upcoming Wonder Woman 3 movie. It is likely still in early development and has not been officially announced by DC Studios. It is unclear if it will be part of the new DC Universe, stay in the DC Extended Universe, or be an Elseworlds story. Additionally, it is uncertain if Patty Jenkins, who directed the first two films, will return to direct the third. However, Gal Gadot may have more creative control as she is developing the film with Gunn and Safran.

The announcement of the news regarding Wonder Woman 3 is likely to upset many fans who are furious about Cavill and Affleck being let go. This raises a question – why are some characters being recast and others aren’t? Additionally, until there are more details, there will probably be more confusion about whether this film is part of the DCU.

Initially signed on for Wonder Woman 3, Gadot’s contract may have obligated her to continue with the franchise. Cavill and Affleck were not signed on for any more movies, so it’s possible that Gadot’s contract includes more films. Gunn had to make tough decisions when deciding to reboot the DC Extended Universe into the DCU, including choosing whether to recast the trinity. While Gadot was not fired, fans still assumed her role in The Flash would be her last appearance as Wonder Woman.

During a recent interview with ComicBook about her role in Netflix’s “Heart of Stone,” Gal Gadot discussed her plans to return as Wonder Woman and work with Gunn and Safran to make the film. She expressed her love for portraying Wonder Woman, stating that it is close to her heart. According to James and Peter, they are going to develop “Wonder Woman 3” together.

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