Inter Miami hosts a friendly match honoring Messi and the 2023 Golden Ball

Recently, Lionel Messi overtook Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe to win the 2023 Golden Ball. This is the 8th QBV in Messi’s career.

However Inter Miami’s 2023 season officially ended after they were unable to enter the playoff round, but the American club still decided to celebrate and honor this proud feat of Messi.

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The match honors Lionel Messi of Inter Miami

The 2023 Golden Ball is Messi’s dazzling lipstick landmark and world football history. With the 8th Golden Ball, he left the second person Cristiano Ronaldo (5 QBV). Perhaps it will take a long time for a player to balance Messi’s record.

That achievement was not only a dazzling moment for Messi, but also for Inter Miami and the MLS. For the first time in history, a player competing in the US tournament won this prestigious award.

Because the 2023 MLS season ended with Inter Miami, Messi was unable to launch the 2023 Golden Ball in front of the fans. Therefore, Inter Miami decided to hold the match to honor Messi and this award.

Inter Miami agreed to hold a friendly match with New York City at 8:00 on 11/11 (Vietnam time) with the name “Noche d’Or”. This is a friendly match to congratulate Messi for winning the 2023 Golden Ball. And the 36-year-old star will launch the Golden Ball right at Miami’s DRV PNK.

2023 is Messi’s year

Messi had the 2022/23 season at a good level. He and PSG won the Ligue 1 championship, the Argentine superstar individual also won the title of Best Foreign Player with 16 goals and 16 assists. However, it was too normal for PSG to win Ligue 1, and they did it often before Messi.

The goal that PSG and Messi aim for is to win the Champions League. But last season, they once again failed, even PSG could not reach the final. Therefore the 2022/23 season at Messi’s club level is not so impressive.

However, the turning point to help Messi win the Golden Ball must be the 2022 World Cup championship with Argentina. Tango dancers defeated the defending French champion in the shootout, thereby winning the world championship for the first time since 1986 with Diego Maradona. This historic achievement helps Messi to dominate the race for the 2023 Golden Ball.

Link watch live Inter Miami vs New York City

No unit in Vietnam is currently authorized to broadcast this Noche d’Or friendly match. However, you can follow the tournament via Apple TV’s MLS Season Pass

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