“Katy Perry’s Sweet Adventure: A Candy-Coated Journey at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles”

If Katy Perry hadn’t made it big as a pop star, she could have easily become a successful burlesque performer. However, she is now considered one of the most accomplished pop stars in the music industry. Her album, Teenage Dream, has been nominated for numerous Grammy Awards and has produced four, soon to be five, chart-topping singles. Furthermore, all three nights of her California Dreams tour at LA’s Nokia Theatre were sold out. We attended her recent performance, which was akin to a burlesque show without the traditional tassels. Perry’s act was filled with suggestive teasing, innuendos, and playful humor.

Prior to the start of the performance, the vicinity surrounding the establishment was converted into a fantastic Candyland environment. The sweet and delightful Gummie Bears were present, in addition to gingerbread characters garbed in cupcake-inspired ensembles who joyfully posed with enthusiasts for snapshots. I simply couldn’t resist snapping a picture with one of the gingerbread individuals – it’s an uncommon occurrence that shouldn’t be missed!

After a spirited DJ Skeet Skeet performance featuring female pop songs, Robyn appeared on stage wearing an attire similar to Salt or Pepa’s from the 90s. Despite having a basic stage setup, Robyn’s boundless energy was unparalleled. Unfortunately, it seemed like the majority of the audience came solely for Katy and didn’t give Robyn the appreciation she deserved. Nevertheless, Robyn gave a fantastic performance with a series of hits, including a special appearance by Rye Rye for “Never Will Be Mine.” We can only hope that Robyn managed to win over some new fans from the audience.

The California Dreams concert tour was an unforgettable experience, with the audience being just as entertaining to watch as Katy Perry herself. The crowd was filled with people sporting blue wigs, cat ears, tutus, and sparkles, and cotton candy seemed to be everywhere. The best part of the candy was that it was sold on glowing rainbow sticks, so everyone had a colorful wand to wave all night long. The opening act for the concert was absolutely adorable. It started off in black and white, with Katy working at a butcher shop where she was forced to chop meat all day. However, Katy had a secret – she was in love with the baker’s boy and had a sweet tooth for cupcakes and cookies. When her beloved pet Kitty Purry ran away to Candyfornia, a magical land, Katy followed her there. The performance was a combination of The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, and Willy Wonka. Check out a clip of the show here.


The lead performer amazed the crowd with a two-hour show, showcasing her outstanding vocal abilities with acoustic renditions of “Not Like The Movies” and “Thinking of You,” while hovering on a candy cloud. Despite a lukewarm reception to her lounge cover of “I Kissed A Girl,” the tempo change in the second half redeemed it. Additionally, during a “Katyoke” segment, she did covers of famous songs and sang “Friday” with Rebecca Black. Her costumes were frequent and impressive, ranging from Hershey’s Kisses bra to a swirling peppermint cocktail dress. Throughout the night, she balanced innocence and seduction, occasionally using explicit language and making suggestive comments. She even invited an Italian man from the audience to the stage but requested that he leave his shirt behind. Katy’s live show may not be suitable for young fans, but parents should make that decision. Regardless, her talent as an entertainer was undeniable, and she kept the energy going with her team of dancers.

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