Leonardo DiCaprio’s Age-Defying Physique at 49

Leonardo DiCaprio just had a cool walk on the yacht with his family. At the age of U50, the little actor who plays the film, spends a lot of time with his parents, occasionally dating poor women.

Weekend, Leonardo DiCaprio was recorded by paparazzi on an expensive yacht resort in the Amalfi Coast, Italy. But this time, the actor didn’t go with a few dozen-year-old girlfriend but with his family.

During the trip to Italy, Titanic amateurs took their parents and granddaughter to travel. The actor has a passion for the sea. Time without filming, Leo often hired yachts to hang out, at the same time as his girlfriend, when he was with his friends. He is also famous for his role as an activist in protecting the marine environment.

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Leonardo DiCaprio travels with his family.

After arriving at the sea, Leo led his parents and granddaughter to visit the island in Italy by small boat. According to Page Six, the actor’s father is a comic author. He has a great influence on the actor’s film career. At the age of 79, he kept his form. Despite being divorced since Leonardo was a child, Leo’s parents decided to stay by the house to raise the actor. Accountant Don’t Look Up close to the stepmother, often taking the extended family to travel.

After breaking up with Camila Morrone – one of the two rare beauties brought to the red carpet by the actor – he didn’t openly date anyone even if he did many rumors. Recently, he continued to record pictures of hanging out with a 21-year-old model after the news of reuniting Gigi Hadid.

Leonardo DiCaprio was born in 1974. In the 1990s, he and Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt were named the three sexiest men in the world, the golden amateurs of Hollywood.

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The youth of Leonardo DiCaprio.

After being famous for the movie Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio broke into A-list star in Hollywood. He appeared in many famous films like Gatsby giants, The Revenant, Old Wall Street Wolf, Old Hollywood stories and more recently a cinematic work Don’t Look Up…

According to People, Quentin Tarantino said Leo was one of the few actors in Hollywood who had the right to choose his favorite role. In an interview, actor Joaquin Phoenix said he and the other male stars were just backup options, only closing the project Leo criticized.

Ngoài những bộ phim, Leonardo DiCaprio nổi tiếng bởi tình trường với các cô gái dưới 25 tuổi (tại thời điểm hẹn hò). Một số mỹ nhân nổi tiếng thế giới Leo từng yêu là siêu mẫu Gisele Bundchen, Naomi Campbell, Blake Lively…

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