Lionel Messi won 7 Golden Balls as a Barcelona player. But this time, Messi’s 8th Golden Ball won as an Argentinian.

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Unexpected, Lionel Messi won the 2023 Golden Ball, the award honoring the most prestigious individual in world Soccer. This is the 8th time the Argentinian superstar has won this noble title, reinforcing the unique position on the history of the toilet.

Behind Messi on the list of players who won the most Golden Balls of the past is the champion Cristiano Ronaldo, with 5 steps to the top podium. In addition, no player has more than 3 times won the Golden Ball.


La Pulga’s record will certainly last for a long time. Among the stars who are still playing, no player under the age of 35 has ever won the Golden Ball. Kylian Mbappe is praised as the talent that will succeed the dominant Argentinian superstar Soccer French striker’s parallel world “was” 24 years old.


Messi won the first Golden Ball at the age of 22 and recreated the feat of Michel Platini with 3 consecutive victories. Moreover, Messi is now 36 years old, when he won the 8th Golden Ball. Such career life is actually beyond imagination.

It is worth mentioning that the way the Argentinian superstar won the 8th Golden Ball completely 7 times before (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2019, 2021). In the past, he was honored by the observers as the best player of the year as a Barcelona jacket player.

Lionel Messi's illustrious career and the Golden Ball for his homeland - 2

For the majority of the year, Messi defeated the opponent with a striking record in the Los Blaugrana shirt. The nomination is a “triple meal” (La Liga, King’s Cup and UEFA Champions League) in 2009 and 2015, or “double” La Liga and Champions League in the 2010-11 season. There was also a season, La Pulga won thanks to the extraordinary personal performance. Typically the record scored 91 goals in 2012.

Messi’s most blue-and-white gold ball (Argentine team shirt) is the title in 2021. In this year, La Pulga led Albiceleste to win the Copa America championship after nearly 30 years of waiting with 4 goals and 5 assists for the team-mate, at the same time he won the title of Best Player of the Prize.

However, Messi will not be able to win the 2021 Golden Ball if he does not lead Barcelona to the King’s Cup championship nor win the title of King of La Liga with 30 shots work. Of course, these are La Pulga’s five heaviest rivals such as C. Ronaldo, Robert Lewandowski or Karim Benzema.

Lionel Messi's illustrious career and the Golden Ball for his homeland - 18

Only this year 2023, Messi won the Golden Ball title entirely as an Argentinian player. The performance in the Paris Saint Germain shirt in the second half of La Pulga’s 2022-23 season was negligible, even worth forgetting.

The inspiration he created on American soil in the Inter Miami shirt color was miraculous but could not match the quality of expertise with top European leagues.

The highlight of course is the 2022 World Cup championship. Shoe prints in 10/15 goals, Messi not only brought Argentina to the top of the world for the first time since Mexico 1986 but he also compared the great senior Diego Maradona in that year’s tournament in terms of how Cover the ball on the planet’s largest football tournament.

Besides the horrific performance is the inspirational image. Messi is more brave and thorny. Messi’s teammates are also rich in fighting and accepting more sacrifices for the great captain.

Disparaging Messi is less brave, criticizing Messi for lack of leadership qualities or all the cynical targeting of the Argentinian superstar who was dispelled after the 2022 World Cup. Messi was great at CLB level and now, the greater he is at the national team.


The story of Messi and Argentina is more and more moving because before becoming the next living saint of Tango country football, La Pulga is an unrecognized child. Few compatriots have called him harshly “the Catalonia at the Argentina team”, chatting for years to leave Messi still carrying in his homeland.

The emotional passage with the emotional “M Lionel’s suitcase” translated below will outline the story somewhat. The author of the article is the pen Hernan Casciari, who has followed both Messi’s career and life journey, since he was a stunted teenager, shyly step to the strange and distant Catalonia until the time to raise the World Cup gold trophy in Qatar.

On Saturday mornings of 2003, TV3 de Cataluna always showed live the match of the Barca youth team. Argentinians will sit in front of the screen and mostly talk about two topics.

Firstly, how to prepare caramel by boiling cans of condensed milk. Second, the country boy Rosario has scored in all the matches of the Barca youth team that will play at what time.

Lionel Messi's illustrious career and the Golden Ball for his homeland - 8

In the 2003-04 season, a year before being promoted to the first team of Barca, Messi scored 35 goals in just 37 matches for the Barca youth team. So the Saturday morning’s rating (ranking) of the broadcasters had a live broadcast of the Barca youth team’s match soaring and towering, even pass the rush hour rating.

From the hair salon, the bar to the stands from the training ground to the great Camp Nou school bridge, there is always a lively discussion about “aquest nen” (that kid is in Argentinian).

The only one who didn’t say it was … that kid. In post-match interviews, Messi only briefly answered all questions with the words “yes”, “no” or “thank you”, then the eye tool evades all eyes. Argentinians migrate we have a better idaof a hammer and dust market.

But one thing is very interesting: the phonetics of Messi are thicker in Argentina, the kid connected from a long sentence in the letter S (pronounced: eses), call foul ful instead of falta in Spanish. We were relieved to find out that this kid was like us, who couldn’t store his suitcase.

There are two types of Argentine immigrants. The first type “carcases” right into the cabinet after moving to Spain. They pronounce sweetly like natives. The second type, people like us, the stubborn immigrants who refused to store the suitcase had packed their homeland inside.

We maintain our customary practices, such as drinking mate tea, organizing water meat parties and using many Tango dialects. We call rain yuvia instead of lluvia, saying falling is cayo instead of cayo. It is the rich Argentinian yeísmo intonation.

Then time passed, the heart was full of thought, Messi became the symbol, “No. 10” inviolable at Barca. La Liga, the King’s Cup and the Champions League are busy. And Messi and we both understand it’s hard not to get a voice when they have gone away.


It is difficult to maintain a thick voice in the home, such as calling dribbling gambeta instead of regate. Do not think just synonyms. Gambeta is a way of simulating woodcuts to associate dance.

And regate in Spanish means dodging. Language becomes the last trench to maintain our homeland identity in each of us, and Messi is the leader. Fortunately, Messi speaks little but does not mute. He still keeps the Argentine way of speaking vividly.

So, The pleasure is indescribable when witnessing the greatest player ever pronouncing a word and not mistakenly speaking one of our idioms in the events interview.

Besides, Messi always takes his mate tea pot with him into the Barca dressing room, A vivid demonstration shows that Argentine blood has never stopped flowing in his veins.

Remember, the Argentinian flag still fluttered every time Messi and Barcelona won the Champions League. He was stubborn despite all the parrots from the Catalonia team leadership to join the Argentinian Olympic team to attend the 2008 Olympics and win a gold medal.

Every Christmas, Messi is always in his hometown of Rosario despite the dense schedule in Europe. We, the distant children, are very proud and admire for what Messi has done. It is difficult to strip off the great joy he has come to life for Argentinian immigrants in the early 2000s.

Messi frees us from the boredom, monotony and boredom of the guest land. Messi oriented, Messi aroused pride, Messi pitted pride for each of us. So much so that when we were in a distant home town starting to make insults to him, we could not understand.


You only care about money

Over there

You can’t feel the shirt

You are a Catalonia, not an Argentinian

If you’ve ever given up, think again

Name of mercenary…

For 15 years away from the countryside, I could not imagine anything more terrible than the cruel and disdainful words emanating from the very place I treasured. Is there any more pain to come to an end when the innocent son’s mouth says, “Daddy, why did Argentines demand to kill you?”.

I choked bitterly to suffocate when I heard that sentence. And I know, if ordinary people suffer from such extreme vindication, invading their hearts and souls only hatred.

Messi does not. The most flour action he ever took was a statement to retire from the national team after a grim defeat in the 2016 Copa America final. It was a decision made in the desperate desire to seek liberation, not only for Messi but for us, Argentines migrated to Spain.

We couldn’t stand to see Messi keep suffering like that, because we understood he loved his homeland knowing what it seemed. Throughout his bossy career, Messi still tried to take the burial place to cut the navel even though many people there were most afraid to chase away.


The time Messi announced his farewell to the national team, he still did not escape the scorching criticism. We ourselves writhe because of that harsh fire. And I stole the thought, also thanks to the horrific event that led to the event of the suicidal history…

One afternoon in 2016, when little Lionel felt exhausted because the insults decided to stop, a 15-year-old boy from his hometown wrote touching lines of heart for his unjust idol: “Please think about staying. But stay to play, that’s what these guys want to rob him of. 7 years later, The author of the letter and Messi won the 2022 World Cup. He is Enzo Fernandez.

Back to Argentina, as Messi explained, in part, letting young men like him write to him not having to believe that letting go is an option in life. And when he returned, Messi made every single person who disparaged him ashamed. After the coronation of Copa America was the World Cup championship that the entire nation expected.

Some fans are accustomed to squid images, Messi’s meekness may be shocked by the way he roars the vulgar words in front of the camera lens. “Looking at what, disappearing, idiot!”, La Pulga shouted at the Dutch striker.

However, with us, those who have listened to the swear words as if for the past 15 years have always been happy and proud whenever Messi fully pronounces the S sounds and uses the method yeísmo language. We are proud to confirm Messi is the one who brings happiness to our children from the countryside like us.

Today, some migrants have returned, and others remain. We all enjoyed the image of Messi returning home with the world championship trophy placed in a suitcase he had never taken away. That great feat would never have appeared if the 15-year-old Lionel had immediately put his suitcase in the closet.

Messi has never been lucky to identify himself as a Spaniard, even though the time he lived in this country was more than in his home country. Messi never forgets that he is Argentinian, whether in voice, mind or breath. On the day of his return, the only thing that changed in Messi was what was in the suitcase.


Argentines somewhat felt alienated by the previous 7 Golden Balls La Pulga won. But this time, the 8th Golden Ball, Messi won as an absolute Argentinian. He not only shone in the color of the Los Albiceleste shirt but also exuded the dusty temper of a Tango native.

After all, through life’s thunderstorms, with seemingly unwilling times, Messi proved his bravery with the most bossy feats. Copa America, World Cup and now the Golden Ball.

No one dared to criticize Messi for being poor. No one dared to mock him as “the Catalonia in Argentina”. That ending is really full. But now is the time for all to realize, Messi’s playing time is not much.

It was hard for La Pulga to win the Golden Ball again. The embezzlement witnessed the most outstanding talent in the history of competition and competition also gradually exhausted. Feel lucky to enjoy Messi for nearly 2 decades.


As the pen Hernan Casciari is still self-rewarding and regretful to himself in another famous article entitled “Messi es un perro” (Messi is the dog). The ending, he wrote:

“I cherish football, I am nostalgic from the present every time Messi comes out. I am an avid fan of this historic space and time. Because perhaps, for me, if there is the Last Judgment Day of football, Fans of all generations will crank in heaven to talk about this sport.

One would say: “I studied in Amsterdam in 1973”. Others said: “I was an architect in Sao Paulo in 1962. Andaother: “I experienced a vibrant teenager in Naples in 1987. And my father would say: “I went to Montevideo in 1967, and before all, I listened to the terrifying silence in Maracana in 1950”.

Everyone will be proud to count the great moments until midnight. And when no one else spoke, I would stand up and the word would share: “I lived in Barcelona during the time of having ‘a dog’. Space is silent.

Others bowed slightly. And God appeared in the Judge’s costume and pointed at me saying: ‘You, the chubby guy, you will be redeemed. The rest go to baptism immediately’!”.

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