Messi is at risk of retiring due to injury

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Inter Miami coach Gerardo Martino revealed information about Lionel Messi’s health situation when the Argentine star was absent in the home team’s 1-1 draw against New York City on September 30, while A journalist questioned his retirement.

Messi has had health difficulties since returning from international competition with the reigning world champions in mid-September. He was also not named in Inter Miami’s squad for the final match. The US Open Cup ended with a 1-2 loss to Houston Dynamo on September 27.
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In response to the news that the Barcelona legend had a cracked thigh muscle, coach Martino saidaout Messi’s condition: “We do not risk Lionel Messi’s health in any situation, even in an important match. As important as the final, the club will not do that to its players

In fact, with or without Messi, we all try to promote our strength in each match. In two days, we will evaluate his health, before the confrontation with Chicago (next away match on October 4). If before this match, Messi is ready to play, then fine.

Messi-Martino.jpgCoach Martino is very concernedaout Messi’s unstable health situation. Photo: GETTY.

Assuming Messi still has problems, we will still put him on the bench. And even though Messi wanted to play, the medical department considered it a risk, so we let him rest, similar to the match against Cincinnati. The season is still long and we do not bet on Messi’s injury that has not fully recovered.”

Regarding Messi’s damaged thigh muscles, famous journalist specializing in monitoring health and education Caden De Lisa has his own source confirming that the Argentine striker has a serious problem. He posted sad news for Inter Miami fans when he said that Lionel Messi will be absent for the rest of the MLS season.

Referring to concerns about the health of the 7-time Ballon d’Or winner, De Lisa posted on his personal social network : “A source said that Lionel Messi has a 2 cm fracture in his thigh muscle. , was confirmed by an MRI, and it is likely he will have to miss the rest of the MLS season.

Messi-Martino-1.jpgThe Argentine striker practices according to his doctor’s personal lesson plan. Photo: GETTY.

This injury was discovered in Argentina’s World Cup qualifying match against Ecuador before reoccurring in the match against Toronto. It could very well cause Messi to retire painfully.”

Writer Caden De Lisa did not elaborate on how Messi treated his injury, but this shocking news received such a backlash that he had to add: “Time will tell us whether what I am saying is true.” no, or the person who gave the information about Messi’s retirement is the truth but has not officially announced it.”

Miami-Messi-1.pngMessi was replaced at the end of the match against Ecuador in mid-September. Photo: GETTY.

The Barcelona legend has only appeared once in Miami’s match against Toronto on September 20, since he returned to the club from the Argentina national team. Previously, Messi was substituted in the 89th minute in a 1-0 win over Ecuador on September 7. And after this match, the Argentinian team’s medical department reported that the 36-year-old striker was replaced simply due to fatigue.

There is still nothing certain about whether Messi will return to play for Inter Miami in the coming weeks, in the context of this team’s pursuit of a ticket to the difficult play off round.

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