“Paradise Romance: Emma Watson and Matt Janney’s Idyllic Caribbean Retreat”

Sealed with a kiss: Emma Watson has now confirmed her rumoured relationship with Oxford University student Matt Janney as the pair put on a rather amorous display on a Caribbean beach

After months of speculation, Emma Watson has officially confirmed her relationship with Matt Janney, a fellow student at Oxford University. The couple solidified their romance while vacationing on a sandy beach in the Caribbean, where they were seen sharing an affectionate kiss.

The look of love: The couple's romance was only made public earlier this week, but they already seem to be utterly loved-up

The display of love: Despite the recent disclosure of their romance to the public, the duo seems to be absolutely enamored with each other.

Just magical: Emma looked utterly spellbound with her hunky new man as they wandered down the picture perfect white sands

As they leisurely walked along the spotless, untouched shores, Emma was completely entranced by her alluring new companion, resulting in an absolutely magical experience.

Loved-up: The 23-year-old actress appeared every inch the smitten kitten as the couple indulged in a passionate PDA

Completely smitten, the 23-year-old woman performer was head over heels as she engaged in a passionate public display of affection with her partner.

Cute couple: Enjoying their first romantic getaway as a couple, the pair looked the absolute epitome of young love as they strolled along the beach hand-in-hand

Lovely Pair: Enjoying their first romantic getaway, the adorable couple radiated youthful love as they walked hand in hand along the beach.

The look of love: Stopping for a moment to take in the stunning view, the Harry Potter star wrapped her arms around the rugby-playing hunk as he prepared to plant a tender kiss on her head

The actress from Harry Potter and her rugby player partner shared a sweet moment of affection while admiring the stunning view. They embraced each other, and he tenderly kissed her forehead, expressing their love for one another. The beauty of the landscape added to the charm of the moment, which they savored together.

Beach babe: Emma showed off her toned figure in a black halterneck bikini, which perfectly complemented her alabaster skin

Beach babe: Emma showed off her toned figure in a black halterneck bikini, which perfectly complemented her alabaster skin

Emma showed off her toned body in a stylish black halter bikini that perfectly complemented her fair skin tone, making her the ultimate beach goddess.

Cuddle time: Wandering along the shoreline together, the pair couldn't keep their hands off each other, and cuddled up in an adorable embrace as they gazed into the distance at the Caribbean coast

Cozy moment: Walking hand in hand along the sandy beach, the couple found themselves drawn to one another and cuddled up in a sweet embrace, soaking in the breathtaking scenery of the Caribbean coastline.

Hunk in trunks: Appearing deep in conversation as they chatted away happily, the Bling Ring starlet was seemingly unable to tear her eyes away from the 21-year-old student's impressive torso and bulging biceps

While deep in conversation, the Bling Ring star couldn’t help but be taken in by the impressive physique of the 21-year-old stud in his swimwear. His toned abs and well-built arms had her completely enthralled.

Cooling off: After finishing the romantic walk, Emma and Matt decided to enjoy a cool off in the sparkling turquoise ocean

Emma and Matt decided to end their romantic walk by taking a revitalizing swim in the sparkling turquoise ocean.

Making waves: Emma seemed to be enjoying the refreshing dip as she basked in the warm sun

Having fun in the water: Emma seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself as she cooled off in the refreshing pool, basking in the pleasant rays of the sun.

Fun in the sun: Matt coaxed Emma into the water with a huge grin on his face

Having a great time in the sun: Matt, smiling broadly, managed to persuade Emma to come into the water with him.

Amorous pair: Taking a dip in the crystal clear ocean, the couple ramped things up a notch as they put on a tactile display in the sea

The amorous pair added to their ocean adventure by engaging in some physical intimacy while relishing the crystal-clear waters.

Sealed with a kiss: Kissing and cuddling for all to see, the pair proved they were very much in the honeymoon period of their romance as they boobed about in the waves with their limbs entwined

Caught in a kiss: The duo showed off their love in full view of the public with their embraces and kisses, revealing that they were still in the initial phases of their romance. They splashed around in the water while holding each other tightly.

Utterly besotted: Even when they returned to the beach, the couple were unable to take their hands off each other

Head over heels: The pair was inseparable, constantly touching and embracing each other, even during their return to the shore.

Caribbean dream: Onlookers on the beach said Matt was protective of Emma as they kicked back on the sands

The idyllic Caribbean location proved to be an ideal spot for a romantic excursion. Bystanders who happened to be present on the beautiful shoreline observed how Matt doted on Emma while they basked in the velvety sand.

Buff body: The rugby player certainly didn't disappoint when it came to his beach attire, showcasing his impressive six-pack, toned torso and bulging biceps in a pair of lime green striped drawstring shorts

The rugby player’s beach attire was nothing short of impressive. He proudly showcased his toned physique, complete with a head-turning six-pack, bulging biceps, and a perfectly sculpted torso. His lime green striped drawstring shorts added a pop of color to the look.

All wrapped up: Emma wrapped herself up in a towel as she dried off from their dip in the ocean

Emma felt rejuvenated after a dip in the ocean and proceeded to wrap herself in a towel for a thorough drying off. The sensation of being wrapped up made her feel warm and comfortable.

Cooling off: Finding a pair of sun loungers to perch on, Matt tenderly stroked his film star girlfriend as she sipped on a refreshing juice

Cooling off: Finding a pair of sun loungers to perch on, Matt tenderly stroked his film star girlfriend as she sipped on a refreshing juice

Pausing for a moment to unwind, Matt noticed a pair of cozy recliners and sat down with his stunning companion. He tenderly stroked her as she indulged in a refreshing and rejuvenating drink.

Fun in the sun: Giggling away as they shared a joke, Emma looked happier than ever

Emma was thoroughly enjoying herself as she chatted and laughed with someone, her face lit up by the radiant sun. Her genuine happiness was on full display for all to see.

Amorous pair: It would seem the couple got their sun-soaked holiday off to an amorous start, with an onlooker at London's Gatwick Airport claiming Emma was 'sucking the guy's face' in the business lounge

Lovebirds: It seems like the pair kicked off their sun-drenched holiday with a fiery start, as someone at Gatwick Airport in London observed Emma indulging in a sizzling session of kissing with her significant other in the executive lounge.

Caring cutie: Emma stroked her beau's hair as they reclined on their loungers together

Emma lovingly stroked her significant other’s hair as they lounged together on their chairs, enjoying each other’s company.

What's going on? The A-list actress accessorised her beach look with a pretty, shell-shaped pendant, and sheltered her eyes from the scorching sun with a pair of Ray Ban shades

What’s going on? A female artist at the top of her game has spiced up her beach outfit with a beautiful shell-shaped pendant and shielded her eyes from the scorching sun with a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses.

Natural beauty: Displaying her naturally flawless skin, the British star went make-up free for her beach outing, proving she is already more than comfortable in the company of hunky languages student Matt

With effortless beauty, the famous British personality proudly displayed her blemish-free skin during a romantic outing with the charming linguist Matt. Choosing to go for a simple and natural appearance, she didn’t apply makeup, proving that she felt comfortable and at ease in his company.

A bright future: Wearing a pair of dark shades similar to the ones Emma had donned, bearded hunk Matt was already sporting an envy-inducing golden tan

Looking good ahead: Matt, who sports a beard and appears quite handsome, is already rocking a remarkable golden tan that’s reminiscent of Emma’s sunnies.

Young love: News of the pair's romance was revealed earlier this week

The world found out about the young couple’s blooming romance just a few days ago, uncovering the charming origins of their affection.

Beach body: The Harry Potter actress displayed her slim figure in her teeny bikini

Beach body: The Harry Potter actress displayed her slim figure in her teeny bikini

The up-and-coming actress from the popular Harry Potter franchise flaunted her svelte figure in a minuscule bathing suit as she reveled in the seaside atmosphere.

Moving on: News of Emma's latest love comes only days after it was revealed she had called time on her romance with long-term boyfriend, Will Adamowicz, last summer

Emma has revealed her new love interest after ending her long-term relationship with Will Adamowicz last summer.

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