“Roasted corn” Katy Perry chuckled at the movie presentation

Coming out of a giant corn bag on stage, Katy Perry appeared impressively during the introduction of the 3D film Katy Perry: Part of Me at the Grauman Flower Theater in California (USA) on June 27.


According to Reuters, the introduction of Katy Perry’s musical documentary became impressive and a bit bizarre with a full skirt … corn roasted, true to her usual style.

And soon after, the female singer also “turned” equally as she groped when she changed her bright red dress. However, this dress was immediately discovered “ consignment ” 

Earlier, the small “én ” had a y-like dress at the Shanghai Film Festival on June 16. Even so, makeup and coordination with Katy Perry’s accessories are more appreciated.

According to Paramount, the documentary is 3D Katy Perry: Part of Me will debut at 100 theaters in North America on 2.7 before being widely released three days later.

This is a film about the artistic path of “ chameleon ” Katy Perry, and also a slow-moving film about this female singer with rebellious childhood same broken marriage with Russell Brand.

Some pictures at the movie introduction Katy Perry: Part of Me.

Turning into roasted corn and acting extra on stage

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