“Short-Pantsed Hermione: A Witch’s Unique Style”

During the filming of ‘The Bling Ring’ in Venice, California, Emma Watson donned a pair of shorts that highlighted her lengthy and sleek legs.

Emma Watson, the renowned actress known for her iconic portrayal of Hermione in the Harry Potter series, has shed her witch-like image and looks much more grown-up now. In a recent picture, she can be seen sporting a trendy leather jacket with a bikini top and short jeans, exuding confidence and elegance.

The young actor who is just 22 years old decided to take a break and rejuvenate himself before commencing the shooting of his scenes.

In 2013, movie enthusiasts can look forward to the release of ‘The BlingRing’, a film directed by Sofia Coppola, that features the talented actress Kristen Dunst among the cast.



Emma caught everyone’s eye as she strolled around the filming location, flaunting her sleek and well-defined legs.

Emma Watson spiced up her new role by sporting a phony tattoo on her waist, in order to give it more flair.

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