“Sweet Escape: Katy Perry’s Candyfornia Journey at the Nokia Theatre, LA”

In the event that Katy Perry’s profession as a pop star did not succeed, she may have had a thriving career as a burlesque performer. Nonetheless, Perry is presently one of the most prosperous pop stars in the industry. Her album, Teenage Dream, has been nominated for Grammy Awards and has produced four, soon to be five, number one hit singles. Additionally, all three nights of her California Dreams tour at LA’s Nokia Theatre were sold out. We witnessed her performance last night, which can be described as a burlesque show without the tassels. Perry’s performance was full of suggestive teasing, innuendos, and playful humor.

Before the show even began, the area outside the venue was transformed into a Candyland wonderland. There were delightful Gummie Bears, along with gingerbread men and women dressed in cupcake attire who happily posed for photos with fans. I couldn’t resist taking a photo with one of the gingerbread men – it’s not every day that you get the chance to do so!

Following a lively performance by DJ Skeet Skeet, mostly featuring female-led pop songs, Robyn took to the stage in an outfit that wouldn’t have looked out of place on Salt or Pepa in the early 90s. Despite her minimal stage set-up, Robyn’s non-stop energy was unmatched. Unfortunately, most of the audience seemed to be there solely for Katy and didn’t give Robyn the cheers she deserved. However, after belting out hit after hit (including a cameo by Rye Rye for “Never Will Be Mine”), we hope Robyn gained some new fans from the crowd.

The California Dreams tour was an unforgettable experience, and half the fun was watching the crowd. There were so many people wearing blue wigs, cat ears, tutus, and sparkles. And let’s not forget the cotton candy – it was everywhere! The best part was that the fluffy pink candy was sold on glowing rainbow sticks, so you ended up with a colorful wand to wave all night long. Before Katy Perry came on stage, we got to see one of the cutest tour openers ever. It started off in black and white, with Katy working for a mean butcher who made her chop meat all day. But Katy had a secret – she was in love with the baker’s boy and craved sweets like cupcakes and cookies. When her pet Kitty Purry ran away to a magical land called Candyfornia, Katy followed her there. It was like a combination of The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, and Willy Wonka. You can watch a snippet of it here.


The main star of the night wowed the audience with her two-hour performance. Her vocal skills were on full display during her rendition of “Not Like The Movies” and “Thinking Of You,” which she played acoustically on guitar while floating on a candy cloud above the crowd. The lounge cover version of “I Kissed A Girl” was not well received, but the tempo change in the second half of the song made up for it. Katy also performed a “Katyoke” segment, where she sang covers of popular songs, and was joined on stage by Rebecca Black for a rendition of “Friday.”
Her costume changes were frequent and impressive, with tongue-in-cheek outfits like the Hershey’s Kisses bra, the peacock tail, and the swirling peppermint cocktail dress. Throughout the night, Katy maintained a balance between innocence and seduction, occasionally using explicit language and making suggestive comments. At one point, she even invited an Italian man from the audience to join her on stage, but only if he left his shirt behind.
Although some may question the appropriateness of Katy’s live show for younger fans, it is ultimately up to parents to decide what is suitable for their children. Regardless, Katy’s talent as an entertainer is undeniable, as she kept the party going with her incredible team of dancers and her infectious energy.

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