The ‘Rare’ album promotion is boosted by Selena Gomez’s cream turtleneck outfit, but the overplayed title track prompts an apology

Selena Gomez has made her fans happy by releasing her first album in five years called “Rare”. However, the singer had to say sorry for sharing the title track too much on her Instagram story. She looked stylish in a retro outfit consisting of a cream NAKED Cashmere turtleneck while promoting the album in New York City on Monday evening.


Retro chic: Selena Gomez cut a retro chic look in a cream NAKED Cashmere turtleneck as she stepped out Monday night to promote her new album Rare in New York City

   Selena Gomez sported a retro chic appearance as she attended the promotion of her latest album Rare in New York City on Monday night. Her outfit featured a cream-colored turtleneck from NAKED Cashmere, which she partially tucked into faded high-waisted flared jeans with a distressed hem. To complete the look, the 27-year-old singer donned a pair of diamond teardrop earrings and caramel alligator boots with avant-garde heels. She carried a matching alligator handbag that had a large brown bead around its looped strap. With her long flip hairstyle adorned with bangs and a ponytail, Gomez exuded an authentic ’60s vibe.


The woman was wearing a stylish outfit that included a partially tucked-in sweater paired with faded high-waisted flared jeans. The jeans had a distressed hem, adding to the overall trendy look.

Dripping in diamonds: The 27-year-old completed the look with a pair of diamond teardrop earrings caramel alligator boots with avant-garde heels

Adorned with sparkling diamonds, the young woman of 27 polished off her outfit with a set of diamond teardrop earrings. To top it all off, she donned a pair of trendy caramel alligator boots featuring unique and futuristic heels.


Handbag goals: She carried a matching caramel alligator handbag, featuring a large brown bead around the looped strap


Flipping out: Gomez nailed the '60s aesthetic, rocking a long flip hairstyle with bangs and a ponytail


The perfect handbag: With a flawless sense of style, she strutted with a caramel alligator handbag that matched her ensemble. The looped strap was adorned with a large brown bead, which perfectly complemented the outfit. Her hair was styled into a long flip with bangs and a ponytail, perfectly completing the 1960s look.

Serving glam: She completed her glam look with a black winged eye, a pink pout and a fresh white manicure

Adding some glam: To enhance her overall appearance, she opted for a sleek black winged eyeliner, a rosy pink lip color, and a pristine white manicure.


Fan favorite: The multi-hyphenate stopped to sign autographs on her way into dinner at Nobu after a busy day of promoting her new album

The versatile celebrity took a moment to interact with her adoring fans as she made her way to dine at Nobu after a hectic day of promoting her latest music album. Her stunning appearance was completed with a black winged eyeliner, rosy lips, and a pristine white manicure. Later, she shared an outfit post on her social media, apologizing for repeatedly playing her own song in the background. Despite not being able to remove some parts of the video, she encouraged her followers to listen to her album “Rare”.

Public apology: She later rocked the ensemble in her story, where she apologized for overplaying her new song Rare: 'Alright, so I just looked at my story, and I played my song a lot. So, I'm sorry'


Expression of regret: She eventually flaunted the outfit on her social media account, accompanied by an apology for excessively promoting her latest track, Rare. She admitted to repeatedly playing the song in her story and expressed remorse by saying, “I just checked my story, and I realize that I may have gone overboard with it. Therefore, I apologize.”

Beauty filter: Sure enough, the track appeared multiple times in her story, including a clip of her showing off a new filter inspired by the recently-released music video

Without a doubt, she featured the song on her story multiple times. One of the clips displayed her trying out a fresh beauty filter that was inspired by the recently dropped music video.


Jamming out: She also jammed out to the song with a friend while riding around in the backseat of a van

Getting groovy: While cruising in the back of a van, she and a friend let loose and got their groove on to the beat of the music.

Strike a pose: The Spring Breakers star later paired the track with a video of herself posing with Jimmy Fallon at a promo shoot for her appearance on his talk show

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