“Unexpected Twist: Lionel Messi Talks About C. Ronaldo While Breaking Golden Ball Record”

Messi recently had an interview with L’Équipe following his victory at the 2023 Golden Ball. During the interview, he talked about various topics including C. Ronaldo. This win has extended Messi’s record of receiving the award 8 times, surpassing C. Ronaldo who has only won it three times. The new Portuguese football sensation has managed to win 5 Golden Balls in history.

Setting a record for the Golden Ball, Lionel Messi unexpectedly talked about C. Ronaldo - 1

During an interview with L’Équipe, Messi opened up about his relationship with fellow footballer C. Ronaldo. The Argentine star referred to their rivalry as a simple sports battle that was beneficial for both of their developments. He explained how they both pushed each other to be better and always strived to outdo one another. Messi also acknowledged that fans enjoyed their rivalry and that it was admirable that they were able to maintain such a high level of competition for a decade or more.

When asked about sharing the Golden Ball record with C. Ronaldo, Messi attributed his success to his psychology and his unrelenting desire to win. He stated that he never wanted to stop and always worked hard to achieve more success. Football had been his passion since childhood, and he had devoted everything to the sport.

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In 2009, at the age of 22, Messi won his first Golden Ball title and expressed his emotions about receiving such a prestigious award. He stated that it was a special feeling to receive an award of such caliber and remembered the first time he received the prize. The awards ceremony was not as grand as it is now, and back then, he attended with his brothers. However, nowadays, many people attend the ceremony. Messi admits that the Golden Ball is no longer a priority for him. He has already achieved everything in his career, and therefore, he gives less priority to this title. He believes that this is his last Golden Ball of his career and is happy to look back on his successful journey. He feels extremely grateful to become the first player to win eight Golden Balls.

Setting a record for the Golden Ball, Lionel Messi unexpectedly talked about C. Ronaldo - 3

According to Messi, there are several players who have the potential to win the Golden Ball in the future such as Haaland, Mbappe, and Vinicius Jr. However, he believes that there will be many other stars who will compete with them for this prestigious title. He also mentioned Lamine Yamal, who has shown great influence in Barcelona from a young age, as someone to watch out for in the race for the Golden Ball. Messi believes that world football has a plethora of talented players, so there will be many emerging stars in the near future.

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