“Unleashing Your Potential: A Candid Chat with Gal Gadot on Taking Charge of Your Future”

As the release of her upcoming movie Heart of Stone approaches, the actress and producer is taking charge of her future and facing it with positivity.

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During a video call from her home in Los Angeles, Gal Gadot expressed her enthusiasm and energy through her gestures and facial expressions. The Israeli actress has played diverse roles in action and Disney movies, from heroes to villains. While discussing her busy schedule, the 38-year-old star of the 2017 film Wonder Woman confesses that she finds it hard to unwind. She says, “I always need to be doing something. I am either giving birth to a baby or pregnant with a project. Life is short, and I want to experience everything.”
Gadot juggles multiple roles as an actor, producer, entrepreneur, mother, and wife. She is currently working on producing and starring in Netflix’s upcoming action thriller Heart of Stone. The film follows Rachel Stone, a spy assigned to rescue a high-value asset from a supranational organization. Gadot invested her time and expertise in the film’s development process.
Since gaining global recognition for her role in Wonder Woman, Gadot’s passion for actively contributing to every project has only increased. Apart from Heart of Stone, she founded Goodles, a brand that creates healthy macaroni and cheese. She has also delved into playing antagonistic characters, such as in the live-action musical Snow White, directed by Marc Webb, and with Rachel Zegler as co-star. Gadot hints at having many more projects underway.
In her interview with L’OFFICIEL, Gadot talks about her upcoming plans, how imposter syndrome affects her, and the responsibility of upholding her grandfather’s legacy, who survived the Holocaust.

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In a stunning PRADA dress and adorned with a gorgeous TIFFANY & CO necklace and earrings from the archives, I recently had the honor of voicing a video at Auschwitz-Birkenau camp. The reason behind this project was because the Righteous Persons Foundation reached out to me and asked if I could do it. However, I had no idea what I was about to narrate, and I certainly did not know that they were going to play it at Auschwitz. This made me feel stunned and humbled.

My grandfather lost his entire family at Auschwitz, and he was one of the few who returned alive. Imagine being told at fourteen years old that decades later, your granddaughter would tell the story of what happened in that hellish place. When we were younger, Grandfather never talked about his experiences because the memories were too painful. However, when his grandmother passed away, he realized how brief life is and opened up to us.

While the experience brought a lot of trauma, my grandfather overcame it with love, forgiveness, admonishing people to be good and compassionate, and by sharing his story. He has smiling eyes, and not a single gram of anger or frustration, making him the cutest teddy bear in the world. I feel incredibly lucky to have completed this trip with him and to carry on the precious legacy of being the grandchild of a survivor.

There are so many similar stories that have disappeared, which makes me feel grateful for this opportunity. I believe that the human soul never really changes, and love, compassion, acceptance, and community are essential to make society a better place. Divisions, hatred, fear, and jealousy are counterproductive and do not move us towards a better life.

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Wearing INTERIOR Apparel and TIFFANY & CO earrings, you not only take on the lead role in Heart of Stone but also produce the project. From both a production and acting standpoint, what makes this endeavor unique?
Well, the reason my husband Jaron Versano and I decided to start a production company was to take control of our own destiny. I am not someone who likes to sit around waiting for opportunities to come my way. So, Heart of Stone was one of our first ideas. Often, movies centered around female protagonists are targeted towards female audiences exclusively. However, Wonder Woman proved that universal storylines can still resonate with all audiences. I felt that there was a void in the market for gritty action movies featuring a female lead that was more relatable than a polished Hollywood hero.

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As an actor, you typically receive a script and have some limited input on it before filming begins. It’s an easy process in some ways, as you don’t have to worry about creating anything from scratch. However, there’s a unique thrill and satisfaction that comes from building something with your own hands.

When people learned that I was working with my husband, there was often some surprise or skepticism. But the success of our collaboration really comes down to the dynamics of our relationship. Jaron brought his business expertise to the table, and when he had the opportunity to either continue in real estate or join me, we both saw the potential for him to be the missing piece in my creative process. After all, who better to manage my interests than my partner?

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Rachel Stone is a character who stands out for her overwhelming compassion. Her flaws and struggles fascinated me, and I wanted to portray a real person rather than a superhero. I admired our director’s focus on emotion and story, rather than action. Starting a production company was about controlling my own destiny, and I feel lucky to do what I love.

It’s rare to see a female lead in a spy-themed thriller, but I don’t want to focus on sequels before making a good movie. Like Francis Ford Coppola, I often feel insecure and hope people enjoy the film. If there is a chance to continue Rachel Stone’s story in future films, it would be great to discuss.

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The makers of ET Apparel’s Heart of Stone were not influenced by any movies or actors while creating the film. They did not want to be compared to the iconic Bond series and instead aimed to create their own suspenseful and exciting story that would keep the audience on the edge of their seats. The film was shot in five different locations and the team focused on making everything as realistic as possible, especially during the action sequences. The main character was intentionally flawed and had to learn how to do everything herself. The filming locations included Iceland, Morocco, Lisbon, London, and Italy, with each place being special in its own way. The director particularly enjoyed filming in Lisbon because of its people, food, culture, and comfortable energy.

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The PROENZA SCHOULER shirt and TIFFANY & CO rings are a part of my wardrobe while I’m working on the movie Snow White. It’s an exciting opportunity for me as I get to play the role of a villain. Moving from Heart of Stone, which had a very realistic approach, to Snow White was a complete shift. Shooting these movies back to back was quite challenging, but I am thrilled to be a part of Disney’s first-ever villainous character. I have the chance to showcase my singing skills and explore the dark and ugly side of my personality. The initial days of getting into character were intense, and it felt like I was in a stage play. The whole experience is full of drama and grandeur, making it a lot of fun.

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